Bottom line = double line

Euclidean geometry and Christian principles of Truth parallel each other.

Non-Euclidean seeks truth outside this alignment.

The first and foremost objection I have for this geometry is that it is Greek Culture on Roman Jesus Ceasar, who holds Greek tragedy of Fate to win by afterlife of Paradise–Destiny Eternal.

Away from this geometric formations, and religious beliefs of this kind–Ecclesiastes speaks to us of responsibility to enjoy in moderation (less likely to be cruel and bully), and Numbers shows a continual flow of generations keen on itself, that in larger context is keen for human species variety survival, and thriving and destiny, as a law of bio-genetics.

This is the geometry of human singularity with the only one good-to-great God, Creator, God of sanity and health, redemption and equanimity, and genuine love.

Human species: only one = Destiny
zero = Fated to Aryan Creed &
AI Command

Abrahem Boulder

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