Pay attention.

The collection of more and more data on a person who is in a moment of privacy, should not be accessible to government or businesses because the depth psychoanalytic, and yes, the applied biochem psychiatry results in the creation of a faux persona, or false person, from synthetic sources, false premises on what makes a person human.

The metrics worshipped along with the most recent stock prices report do not serve the person but loops information for identity to the machine; hence, detrimental to True North principles.

Authenticity is sacraficed.

For the vicious cycle of numbers, busyness, Aryan exploits, and loser positions on human species.

Inter-racial survival, that is based on a scientific law of survival of the human species in it’s fittest form, keeps the species human, uses tools as culture, keeps liberal ideology, philosophy, law, politics and their institutions viable by owning these liberal ideas by the person, by learning to become more than numbers, more than receivers of synthetic impulses, and outputs of synthetic responses–which make the not-person.

It may all boil down to genes expressed at the bulb of the brain stem, and whether viruses and human expression for positiveone–Destiny, is a continuous goal; or, zero, meaningless Fate quitting; propagated by destructive emotions and Plato-driven treatises, -1 =< y =< 0, on a Value Index servimgs as our default driver, where negative one is nuclear winter.

Abrahem Boulder

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