To live for, to die for

Health challenges:

Terrible Satan, Anti-Christ, drinking of alcohol, stoning with high THC neurotoxins.

The breeding of low THC biochemical psychiatric therapeutic medical marijuana=(+).

Nutritional science(+) Not taught by medical schools.(-) The exuberant brilliant notion that walking improves brain health(+) and brain function.,(+)

You can mind(+) body function and brain function through walking (+) and nutritional Science (+), first via Dietician essentials, then nutritional variety, then nutritional booster foods, fish oil (+), berries (+), limited amount of 100% whole grain in one study reducing disease by 80%. (+). Limited amounts of carbs reduces weight. (+). All three for heart health and brain health.(+) + (+).


Aryan=death language through examination on world consciousness (no unconscious).

PTSD brain stem of the Men in combat, of a endoskeletal warm-bloodedness mammal of 2 million-year blueprint-for-creation of homo sapiens evolving physically above and below the brain stem(+); reduced to reptilian thinking by academicians(-); left by professional counselors as reptilian Aryan existentialists inhabiting the “totaling” of the human spirit environs of Totalitarian camps(-); animal heart, Aryan of the child sodimized by sibling or adults, human Aryan language taught to our children in universities by Tibetan monks. PhDs for the philosophy of intelligent death via the “Book of the Dead” of Tibet, vs. Hobbesian reasoning prowess to see clear of apocalyptic vision(+), (Francis) Baconian revelation of scientific facts, and human singlarity, away from witches, warlocks gods, trolls, nymphs to universal God to study creation by a Creator who at the same time–created Spirit. The source of Eternity. From Eternity to Eternity. Jew in the present globally. Jesus to Christian. Allah to Muslim. Hashem to Evretim. AI Tool only. Enough.

Abraham Boulder.

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