Welcome to 21st Century State and private ownership decisionmaking

Librarians are known to go from national libraries from state to state to aid in influencing state policy for protagonists of a given policy.

As of this writing, apparent social science experiments on human targets serve totalitarian causes in supporting eradication of the human species, or “totaling” the human species like a train wreck. Severing it’s relevance to the 1% and various government leaders.

Change of environments to garner desired results, none of which show improvements in the human species but; instead, continually shock the government and private sector officials regarding how utterly useless the human species is supposedly.

Such manipulations of experimental outcomes has nothing to do with human capacity to be resilient and endure via the most inhumane causes on exoplanet Earth.

It is blantly falsifying experimental results to justify total elimination of the homo sapiens and homo sapiens sapiens species, for lunch in Cortez’s City of Gold and Fountain of Youth generated by a Faustian bargain of 8 billion dead done with supertrain speed!

Abraham Boulder.

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