Legend has it.

Vaults of genocide activism of totalitarian camp and SS English spread rapid through the University campus under a World’s Fair when the Oregon territory was becoming statehoods of Washington, Idaho, and Oregon.

Legend has it there was a great foundry spill of toxic substances that people went running to the Yukon and Alaska.

A signature neurostructure and macrobiometrics was developed within each and everyone brain associating with mines and their tailings.

The poisoning of students and faculty was secretly done to elicit a specific behavioral science response in history.

Possibly, the burning and trashing of low THC cannabis (British Coulumbian pot) which may be medical biochem psychiatric therapeutic, and breeding intensely high THC to sell as recreational neurotoxins (unbeknownst to the user).

Attempt of reaching a bifurcation point of no-return to exoplanet ecosystems’ equilibria, with the assault on the minds of men (women, and child).

Acres of bodies lie underneath the campuses infrastructure, says the legend.

Another vault may exist through the Cedar River watershed causeway having body remains, some say millions, lost their lives there.

Some say the strict behavioral science, lethal or neurotoxic activism, continues to this day. Is there any truth to this legend?

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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