Hindsight: creatures big and small

I guess we purposely lack intelligence, at least what I call wisdom intelligence, WQ. Something that makes you stand up and take notice, instead of making you sleep.

I guess no one cares a darn about future or really what happens in the end.

You can read a story that won the Joseph Pulitzer for literature. It’s not really pretty, exciting, or nice.  The book: “Fire and Light” by Burns.

I guess torturing me is the price you pay to steer you in correct accordance with True North, True South, True East, and True West principles.

I guess dying a POW tickles the mentally ill Captain America who thinks torture is okay under the banner of the U.S. Constitition, but it’s not okay completely incomprehensible by a government lacking a similar document!  So go on and do it to a constituent, he respects the U.S. Constitution tongue in-cheek.

Abraham Boulder

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