A continual suffering of Aryan occult desires

Pulse of life, from the heart of life, continues as a light pulse, without light particle, in the dark, everpresent, evergreen (reincarnation growth of suffering) in death.

What is not seen is the light particle. And darkness can be 80 percent of the universe while idea quanta retain a curiosity–that arouses eternity–that in lives lived ill prepared, leaves a morbid cynicism.

Is there peace within suffering nothing??! Quiet. Stirred at times–not still. Is there more than the rearing impulse? Aryan amphetamines?

Can we get direction? Study the terrain. Get our bearings and trek out of species Fate to species Destiny? See the present through, for eternal peace, truth, and eternal mirth. From Eternity, Present, to Eternity?

Abraham Boulder -Keven Jung Young
Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia.

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