Macrobiometrics and the learning curve

Eastern enlightenment meets Western business, absent of gay Satan.

Easy to see done with alcohol and drugs.

Harder to see with sobriety.

Continuance with the Higher Power of sobriety, Jonas Salk’s “Anatomy of Reality,” “The Present” and “The Future” subheading at the back of the book, and Abraham Boulder’s take on Salk by the term, macrobiometrics.

Or biology we measure or explain our MEMEs by our evolving methodology that the East has words for, but the West needs to find their own words for.  Starting with Jonas Salk, discoverer of the polio vaccine.

Continuing with Carl Jung whom believed the past could be made understandable with symbolic symbols, stories including legendary tales, and so on.  Such things in 80 percent of sub-consciousness, dallying about in a common area–golf course, mall, or bar–in a common[s] unconscious experienced away from these venues by peers and family generations or members in separate parts of the house.

To that I add, that Dr. Jung believed in the physics reality of shared time between past, present, and future; and took his understanding from the past to his present envision subsconsciously the future, furthering his effort by imagining an audience that included filtered feedback elements from his common unconscious.

P.S.  To this postscript, I add this note that the term, macrobiometrics serves the criteria that the biology of the MEMEs emerging fit in a biological context of a “whole of the species” that I classify as, “completeness.”

And the worth of the entire species is measured by a Value Index that measures behavioral science in history entailing destruction done by individuals, or groups, or institutions to our exoplanet; and measures constructive efforts of individuals, groups, and institutions to save our planet, by securing, freezing, reducing, remediating, enhancing present good status of our exoplanet, utilizing applied science and applied bio-genetics engineering for improving species survival and developing biodiversity.

The number line of qualitating by Earth Sciences departments in private top schools, where the best may have too much Soviet antimatter applied communism, or metaphysics, stopping actual learning.  (Where the pressure may be to great–anxieties-driven institutions too great for the actual learning process.)

And the near best, may do.

Let -1  <= y  <= 0, the destructive effect;  z, the neutral effect is equal to zero; and

0  <=   x  <=  +1.  Such that y  =  -1, is a nuclear winter; and x  =  +1,

is the utilization of a Higher Power of sanity and sobriety, of a complete human species seeking information in Jungian sleep-on-it status, commons venue participation and then private home office study, or meditative state that unlocks mankind biological instinct of survival and thriving that entail IQ, EQ, SQ (spiritual intelligence, or, values and meaning), that now include WQ, wisdom intelligence (that grabs your attention and makes you alert of alternate methods, methods outside the given terrain, something outside normal and extraneous terrain scope (out-of-this-world thinking, or quantum-animating principle thinking), or, not-at-all thinking.

To improve our lot on planet Earth.

Abrahem Boulder.





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