Take a look where we are!  First, the criticism.  Then the reality.  Sustainable commerce, sustainable politics.


Putin reminds of how dark and black a person can be, such as was the case of President Nixon–both capable of great historical deeds that are constructive in nature, speaking highly of their presidential appointments, but harboring great darkness and foreboding.

Someone who you are going to die for, so give him the best of your efforts, and let him shine, and get of his way.

President Trump does best to value him as a fellow world leader, but remember American interests do not coincide with President Putin.

President Trump needs the American band to play and that means cooperating with oil & gas leadership for a $40 carbon tax–economically sound to turn our energy-rich lifestyles, into lifestyles sourced from a myriad of other energy-rich fields.

Sustainable; and amassing great wealth over centuries that gets tapped for living conditions and life essentials.

Backed by the American people, and the world, is guaranteed to accumulate great wealth from our new sustainable economy of fusion power, AI Tool, and quantum computer robotic tools.

Thus assured, so as to share it’s bounty with our political leadership, the American public, and the world who work so exceedingly hard for the private ownership and their corporate entities via their very private companies and private lives.

Abraham Boulder
Jeffrey Stuart Devinsky

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