Take a look.

Greedy in the way of long-term profits of a 200-300 year window, compared to greediness of a sudden windfall that tickles your fancy but does not build for future net returns.

Matter vs. anti-matter that entails the physical relevance and metaphysical quanta events in what I call “idea quanta” of the psyche economy.surplus–all physical matter, opposing affective intelligence emphasizing nonexistence, Aryan philosophies, death wish or death force destruction of the human species, and politicaleconsocio forces pushin’ now pullin’ via oversized hedge funds bets that satiate, then continue partyin’, resulting in brain toxicity masquerading as sinister consciousness (in the face of Massachusettes Hospital’s “Mind, Mood, and Memory” letter that let’s you in on the ground floor of brain nutrition by food and beverage choices!), major disease introduction, profound emotional and spiritual depletion by PCB, Wig-wam, financiers and Aryan AI take-over directors.

Abraham Boulder raising the flag of American and global sanity. Praisin’ a God like in Alcholics Anonymous, that fits the part of sanity in the face of Satan-Jesus dichotomy.

Abraham Boulder

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