Can you say, “I will.”

If empirical, then phenomenon of Sanity in an “up,” universal ceiling; Creator, creation Myth for driver, “pull,” of Human Destiny.

Otherwise, the mark of insanity, fated for extinction, via “peopled” government to exterminate the human race.

The “pull” phenomenon of Sanity is the same entropic energy in the push from Central Asia to Europe and on to the East Coast, and a tractor-pull nature of global, polar magnetism housing correct geologic properties revolving, itself, around a star at the correct distance away from star.

Evolving spaceshipEarth revolving on its axis and revolving around the Sun for Entropic Energy in the Pacific Rim area of West to East, and evolving Tiger economies in the East doing fair trade with the West in return. And evolving geology, evolving chemistry, evolving biology (and salmon swimming upstream) and evolving idea quanta at the particle physics level of the brain interacting with the universal environment, everyday large-body physics.

Ideas generated in an evanescence of creative-imagination bubbly, taken to task, to become hardy, practical solutions to divergent answers of multi-faceted problems going upwards against the downward direction of entropy energy.

All evolution starting with memes of universal idea quanta studied and cognition identified within the universal sphere influencing the uphill climb of ideas as agency for destiny of homo sapiens from random-fated death and elimination.

-Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy

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