Bollywood inspired

What’s up? Central Command of a Soviet republic.


Human singularity assists 100s billions of government units of currency. God of Heavenly Hosts redeemed in His/Her presence (Anima/Animus complete psyche of a human entity– homo sapiens, homo sapiens sapiens variety of brain using enzymes to increase plasticity, i.e., increase brain mass then appropriate forgetfulness through atrophic cognizance), resonating energy spirited with the “animation principle.”

We converge on creativity to work the physical dimensions of the universe to solve our complex problems through divergent, expanded knowledge of the 12 universal dimensions to gain the mindset to solve our problems translated to the hard sciences and the sciences of behavior (direct or indirectly; reared with restraint or otherwise) and pause on non-Euclidean focus on answers outside of the twelve dimensions or the one dimension involved in belief behavioral systems.

These geometric expressions involved in expansion and contraction of space time in numerology of Pi or other, interconnected through a gateway between the 12 dimensions is the divergent-developed, knowledge consciousness necessary for obtaining the paradigm shift to answer today’s complex questions.

Viral behavioral science. What courses in history are taken?


We have human DNA but 40 percent is viral, whereby the virus may fit like human-entity glove for human command of inputting on AI Tool computers, utilizing a hammer with nails for construction, or the use of weaponry during war times.  Placing a wholesome meal on the dinner table.

Abraham Boulder

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