To our lives, long before, our graves.

Duality of myriad of the gene pool; multiples of 20,000+ strong scientifically validated to be our greatest chance of survival contrasts with the human singularity found in the phenomenon of the Universal Ceiling of Sanity, believed to be the God of Sanity, and Carl Jung’s assertion that, “we must go further than right or wrong,” and; hence, I say, “take ourselves to ‘what is correct’ from both sides: the good, the bad; whom for moment is right and whom for a moment is wrong; the great and terrible who we cannot spend anymore time seeking who is the wiser.”. Correctness then, is our convergence. Less Spock more human urgency.

“We know of the desire for the desired supremacy of Nazi imbalance of Aryan death worship and creed–now, a psychology of behavior of the misbegotten.

“We must affirm by credo, the desired sacredness of life for the living, for creation, the birth of the young; instead of the Faustian dragging of our elders beyond their appointed lives and deaths.

“We must be legally aggressive in our actions to confirm by deed and legal trust and agreement that homo sapiens and homo sapiens sapiens have the right and need to life, continued life, and legal entity status; until now unattainable because our generation-to-generation legacy did not yet run this course in human history; something we must uphold for ourselves, as obtainable for a 5,000-year quest of world civilization, world societies, and sovereign nature preserves.

That the fight is not “a good fight” other than to be nourished by good food, rather than sickened by rot.

“This is truly “the great fight.”. More so, from below than above. From the Earth’s travelling crust recycling amidst the eons of geological evolutionary time.

“For to live, is to exist, biologically, and by group and organization, for trade, for family life, and for personal life and gain.

“To exist, we need legal entity status for the conservative political philosophy that the group in communitarian healthfulness can respond correctly when single leadership arrives at flawed behavior, jeopardizing the species’ whole, in terms acceptably and approvably described as “macrobiometrics.”

We speak in viral forms.

“That to be truly great we must complete-
human-genetically express our genes in behavioral psychology that favor our species survival, and that favor viral forms from the four corners of the universe that favors our human species’ continual survival, that we serve as a host to genetic environmental influence leading to human destiny over any other, and we choose to express our human destiny and accept our fated personal deaths, as a reoccurring feature of our human existence.”

“That all that is spoken is MEME, serves MEME, restricts speech to MEME, so that we biologically evolve from our homo sapiens and homo sapiens sapiens’ brains and hearts and adjustment in bodily form to accommodate the universe, forgotten by our need to be taken serious, through weight, graveness, and gravity upon this Earth.”

“That foremost it is Universe1st(earth included), Earth2nd, and Me(our macrobiometrics)3rd.”

“That macrobiometrically, we begin to measure, quantify by group agreement in the amount of MEME in speech there is, that speaks the guttoral sounds of “guts to live by, and die by.” Not chosen lifestyles of murder and suicide in the face of a Creator God ethically supporting life to live, before death. And an existing Eternity, instead of “Stop!”–a philosophical and spiritual end to Eternity.”

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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