An alternative, and a MEME: Plato vs. nature’s wisdom of the body and that of the soul

Affect intelligence and Gassendi’s “reason is aspect of reason” work together, yielding (as in harvesting) WQ, wisdom intelligence, this reason is homo sapiens and homo sapiens sapiens’ primary function.

To know when to do something, when not to do something, when to do the alternative, when to do something outside the box, when to do something “out of our minds” (our perspective of normal, and of the answer itself– one, and the same); and when not to do something entirely.

As Einstein said in essence, “we cannot solve the problem, with the head we used to create it.”

Souls predetermined like to live, to do more–to love in this manner, goes against what is acceptable to the Man (and Woman)

Hindsight and context of insight, rearing and  very, very important foresight as the references in order to exude WQ, wisdom intelligence.

Bio-genetics ethics for macrobiometrics Destiny while each and everyone faces the Fated demise.

Eternal suffering is real truth.  And reincarnation a fact that you join or separate from. MEMEs are the essential essence (subcategorization) communicated macrobiometrically.  It’s measure estimated in a Value Index of plus one (presence of the Divine and tolerance, or atheistic tolerance) through the spectrum to negative one (nuclear winter).

Something that I believe is a MEME term derived from Jonas Salk, the discoverer of polio viral vaccine, in “Anatomy of Reality” in the back of the book.  A few pages on the present.  And a few on our future.  What is derived is the term, macrobiometrics.

To learn is to understand that the odds have always been greater against living, than death (singular or group).

If the “House’ gives greater returns for a future that is dystopic Utopia, it is an insurance policy, and not a futures mutual fund.

Greatest return comes from the effort to solve our problems, work at getting the solutions realized and maintained.

And futures whose mutual funds are not fueled by dystopic foundations, nations, or individuals. Their stocks work the parallel path of continuous net profit, business cycle growth, and bear market growth, and true “redemption” of shares at 50, 100, and 200 year bonus years.

Thus echoing in the canyons the resounding dictum that “that to give up” is too easy, and to work the odds in the emerging markets of a favorable future is effort correctly pursued.


–Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia.

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