Respect for the dead?

It’s actually messing with eternity.

It’s happy or crazy, but never respect for the dead.

It’s eternal madness and being happy about the Nazi (imbalance) experience from deities that are only happy and insane. Not something enduring forever!

I don’t think you know what your doing if you get too close to this stuff.

In crisis, such a behavior does not support mending fences. Not now, because the Tao is heavily Aryan death, and not eternally either because up or down there is no rest in peace for the deceased. And respect is out.

Monuments or a prayer said is a reminder that the deceased were on exoplanet Earth, and eternity continues because it has direction, “From eternity, To eternity.” And a time upon this physical Earth has been achnowledged by living human beings.

They say, “we repect the dead!” But how can this be?

It’s Aryan death and Nazi imbalance of Nasi balance, Tai duality, Pi creation. And the God of sanity and health, redemption and resilience, serenity and equanimity, and genuine love.

From the God, the only God that can deliver for those who keep faith, for those desperately needing Him, if they can find the inner peace of William James’ psychological, possibly spiritual saving.

This then is the answer to the Ideal of human singularity. To save the human species from extinction. And do what we cannot rationally, irrationally, using IQ, EQ, SQ (spiritual intelligence, meaning and values of macrobiometrics of the human species marked on Value Index that doesn’t whitewash, acknowledges the worst efforts (negative one), not just the great ones measuring clearly the size of the problem and proportionality to our greatest efforts (positive one)).

EIS have been written, especially during Nixon, Carter years that can start accurate assessment reports that to be written by Mavericks and firebrand that reestablished integrity in a sorekyy-needed private environmental consulting firms.

Abraham Boulder

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