The fight against Totalitarianism in the classwork and homework

It is this metaphysical phenomena, now quantum physics and subparticles, particles, and simple nanos, also I introduce idea quanta as a twist or turn on string theory, precursor to DNA.

In this quantum physics realm, there is applied communism (anti-matter, apathy, or piecemeal work to be replaced by robots).

Then there is liberal political philosophy allowing for liberal economics (self-driven) and conservative political philosophy meant to be a communitarian reference not to act solitarily.

It is these two philosophies (liberal and conservative) that become a quantum physics problem because ideas either come from your own brain (“trying something out for your self”), or are dictated to you and you are the reception of the State–your mind is owned, and your thoughts are not your own.

You no longer exist.  The state exists.  Thoughts can be hampered extremely with, ” look ma, no hands!”

When ideas are freely traded (bought and sold) the exchange or market, and the “trying on for oneself” ideas in a psycheeconomy surplus intellect affect is free from linguistic and idea-quantum tyranny.

These are natural laws of quantum physics (idea matter and quantum energy) that are represented in philosophy by ideas of “freedom” and “liberty.”

Abraham Boulder

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