Personally speaking,

My parents were forgiving and merciful, and I was too. Mutual intolerance existed.

I meant to mature to adulthood under the rule that the brain doesn’t reach maturity until 23 years.

Life and death interruptions weighed on me heavily.

My Mom’s death, my brother’s wedding, and my father’s wedding were an opportunity for deconstructionist destruction of family, post-modern opportunity for perversion and claimed victory against my worth, lies upon lies in Straussian pursuit to falsify my identity, and post-Straussian attempts at confirming incompetence of my stolid movement and moral fortitude along the lines of Hobbesian greatness–a counterweight to all our vices (including my own) and flawed business dealings we encounter.

Honesty and the good, do exist–but not without whitewash.

My stolidness is a result of introverted intuition limited in scope to relevant incidents that can be looked into corporeally.

I think the word, “education” is to educate for psyche economy deficit, not surplus, hence, interference in productive work to satisfy the very, very acute anti-social behavior deified around the world to stop civilization forever–However, whatever was Western, will be World civilization with leaders around the globe who are opportunists in free or low-cost college educations.

The education not only needs divergency in creative brain activity, but philosophy, behavioral science, and medical science reaffirming the value in living, rather than death.

Plenty of time for that.  Death, I mean.

Abraham Boulder

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