The Big Prison

Here. At last. Soviet psychiatry. MRI taken from clinic for radiation exposure.

Machine on.

Weakens the body of the injured party. Then a statement repeated often, until it sticks with injured parties’ subconscious (yes, operator or medical personnel tries to impose on you subconsciously in a weakened state).

Just as if you were tired, the subconscious becomes more apparent: weakening the body exposes you to a series of subliminal messages from the messenger on purpose.

Then sealed in the body via trauma caused by overusing MRI for radiation poisoning: The series of phrases then becomes an unwilling mantra.

“Breaking the person” with medical technology, performed by a psychiatrist. You begin to “hear” the State only.

So enters Mother Russia. Causing a neuropsychology breakdown to “hear” the State in loud voices.

-Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy, Washington state.

P.S  It is the US. government cooperating with Andre Greykov and also U.S. intelligence.

I can be shutdown immediately.

If I live, I need my checks and the thousand dollars for travel. That will fix my car, and I can have enough food to last the month before providing the owner of the new place rent money and food money for next month.

Cooperation at a stall.  Looking for bird calls from the city zoo.

Told cooperation is at hand.  Could be two-faced, and dead.

I can call Perry on money and request the money right away.  I can contact Mr. Michael Shaw, MSW, L.I.S.C. that I’ve made the decision to travel East without my partner.  She possibly may be restless.


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