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Keeping busy

Robotic effort for the kill–of me.  Nothing to report–no one was involved.  I think they think their superior already.  Got to find the kill switch.  In head or chest, I guess.

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Our Present Threat.


I. Being; Not Being; Is, eternal. Vital, life force, energy-focused center. Synergy fundamental to species control of Destiny (animating principle).  Human Destiny akin to human singularity with a God of sanity and health, redemption and resilience, material wealth in a commonwealth, immaterial wealth, serenity, equanimity, and genuine love.  Upper ceiling of sanity directional.




II. is Not = Totalitarian extraction, think jam absolute, universal torture pain eternal via State directed lizard snake chomps to extreme pain eternal as Fundamental Truth of State.

state is, Man’s non-being, dead; human extinction with eternal severe pain, as the only eternal existence. Earthly, 1984 sedation for Man’s demise. Therefore, state only and supreme.

Complement with Code of Death, Gates Jr., reveals Platonic spirit of Gassendi’s reason is an aspect of spirit.

Abraham Boulder


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Is there a king in the house

Taking an infant child from the crowd. Doing sexual acts and killing it.

Is this possible? Do we stand to the permissiveness we now have? Is any of this actually true?

Is it acceptable, if true?

Keven. Is it true, or fiction.

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Consider this as a possibilty

1/8 government population peopled believed to be kept alive whole 7/8 populations’s demise.  However leadership seems to be ready to replace 1/8 populations with robotics!

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Can we flip chaos?

What happens if dark matter is in a state of chaos?

What if order was the flip side of chaos?

What if time is running out and constant irregularities of the subsubject of science, chaos is leading to a complete state of chaos?

Will dynamite put out the chaotic spill fire?

Not that nuclear wastestreams are anymore something we should want!

What if silence! And “keep quiet.” Be.  While the people of intrigue join the order, outstanding the audience, and ignored by the audience’s peeled ears!

What about the physics daydream of pulling a tablecloth off a table with a large set of piles of dishes?  And order, not chaos persevered?

Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy

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Father & plastic surgeon’s skilled hands

They’ve reached Nirvana of Dalai lamas lizard snakes.  They make love to you as they murder you.

From up above in a lama nursery.  With chemicals, bioagents, and radioactive material.

I’ve been supportive of society-at-large illustrating my assets in affective intelligence derived intuitively that I am considered a commodity to use in capitalist ventures.

This does not include racqueteering which some major leadership is prone to attempt.

I wasn’t designed for a career of speculation, or futures gambling.

What might have futures bets on the direction of the stock market, has now become “gentlemen’s” bets on my life, the time I die, and other details of whether I was standing in sitting at the time.  Such inane gambling and racqueteering is not worthy of our leadership and makes me think they are deluded to think themselves royalty–their no sense of value to life–and a Nazi imbalance and a Aryan supremacy of the live and worship of death over life.

This includes Air Force flyovers with total disregard of the civilian citizen, not engaged in wearing a military uniform that holds them, the Airmen and Airman accountable for the “supreme sacrifice.”  With a “do nothing” activism of an ardent communist.

Flyovers come regular with different sorts of poisons thrown out of the airship.  All men acting like Wig-Wam or PCB looking at in a toilet (they call America) that leaves them dumbfounded because I defecated in the sewer line, and they’re still running around with lump tards in their diapers.

Abraham Boulder


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Look here.

Kant->Kunt, 10 years hence.

Titanic exhilaration and grandest-partying-of-all.

Doomsday hysteria of Nicholas Cage dystopic Utopia or his Mason implication of Freemasonry in psycheeconomy surplus of depth perception.

The failure or misreading of Max Planck’s quote, saying essentially revolutionary ideas [ of survival, not extinction; not Nazi imbalance and Aryan extermination policy and behavioral science.

Biblical Myth of “There is a season. Turn! Turn! Turn!!

The season is underway,. Robotics already assumed to be in place for Aryan supremacy behavioral science programming.  Short telomeres, the living dead causing Nazi I’m balance.

Do we change to fit the season, as we take our daily walk?

Divergent solutions to convergent subanaltyical answers.

Abraham Boulder

-Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia.

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