Let my fate suffice, so that men manage destiny, and may exceptional woman and children join in the chorus

May they not be targeted for assassination.  Not be a Gandhi.  Kennan, Samuel Clemens, Abraham Heschel (in the Insecurity of Freedom, and Sabbath text shared by a Foreword written by female family.  Just as enlightening, worthy of Hobbesian counterweight, for Destiny of human species, and continued fate limitations.)

To know what it is to live, when all must die, when many are in Hell at birth, and stay there, not for lack of striving to live but religion creating excuses, for men, women, and child(ren) should they not care (a not caring existential nonexistence).

From eternity, ppresentnesss, to eternity.  Stop caring and total the SUV called, “eternity.” All of existence, and afterlife will be gone.

The Book of the Dead is eternal madness (literally), and fond of it.  To the eternal insane asylum you go, chipper and completely mad.

Love, Abraham Boulder.

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