How metaphysics matter: a measurement of destructive utility to negative one, and constructive utility to positive one on decimal value index!

The fact that people find PCB metaphysically perturbing, when the DSM5 only speaks of sibling perturbance, shows a social destructive capability and employment that more severe in sheer social destructive power easily enough measured by degrees, or specifically decimal places where destructive social usage is negative decimal gradient to negative one of nuclear winter, and constructive efforts and attainment of life goals, or frankly, deadlines reach focus efficiency to positive one, by concentration in nominalism and a metaphysical pragmatic faith in conversions for spiritual concentration likened to William James, calling on conceptually or by faith in a God of Beginnngs–Creator, God of sanity and health, redemption and resilience, immaterial wealth, some material wealth, serenity, equanimity, and genuine love.

This coupled with doing, and at a fast pace, thematic of a working milieu, believed by some to be a god, and the only one prayed for constructive production, results, and a light in Hobbesian terrible nature swingng goodness to greatness pragmatically as a counterweight to all the ugliness inherent in our human race.

And opportunity for great productive efficiency.

A work ritual of human sigularity worth keeping when the competition rules out human economic value for quasi-alive computer programs.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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