Book: supernormal: More like: science investigating metaphysics with meditating contemplatives’ guidance.

Contemplatives may be focusing on various signs of 12 dimensions of the universe that are apparent when meditation occurs and when reductionism to corporeality is unnecessary, but little is known as these signs are not yet understood by science. This area of focus is where the field of new knowledge is sought concerning the universe, and human intent between those that show adequate care “things matter” and those bent to destroy eternity. Natural philosophically, “anti-matter” of which developing behaviors are underway to see a triumph against all that matters: geologic evolution, biological evolution, intelligences that we acquire IQ, EQ, SQ, and WQ, (i.e., wisdom intelligence that grabs you by the arm gets your attention when all other wisdom makes you sleepy and ineffective to steer true North).

We evolve in common sense, good-to-great reasoning capability, and a human singularity of focus on our skills, or geniuses. All depending on string theory precursor to DNA. Where incorporeality finds matter, with energetic flair.

The competition lives on.  Keep it eternal.

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