A little word, from the consumer!

Now while there is all this movement, we need to address the Negro, and that includes the educated Negro.

Let’s get personal, with respect to each and every group identity.

How ’bout, the Jew–and while your at it–the Negro Jew.. He’s such a sterotypical schmuck that we worry that our daughters will forget we’re white! But isn’t a Jew, a Jew–the white Jew bigots national identities to the extent Jew’s don’t recognize Jews. Muat we assume the work of the tyrant?

Pragmatism is essentially, “is this practical?” It takes ideas and checks them against what is implemented from the idea, and sees if works. It involves functionality and whether there is greater efficiency not to leave us colossal debt.

If we get healthcare, we need efficient healthcare. If our efficiency increases, our standards of care need to be achieved, as well.

We need to get the patiemt to self-care. That happens when we actually, self-care ourselves.

We’re so afraid that the machine will outstrip the Jew from being Jew. I don’t see it. Unless it learns, during deep thinking, to doven, then it will need springs, to spring back, and spring forward.

But never upright! Not without remaining a machine of functions–a tool. For the apposable thumb of homo sapiens sapiens.

They say it is all in economic value. How much is a human worth? You run around with metrics floating through your head and want greater efficiency.

Well, that’s all said and done. But neuroanatomy there has got to be individuals that sharpen their cognitive function, than humans smoking too high a THC level, frying their brains thoroughly–all the time.

Some Jews, and I know others as well, strive for lifelong learning. What is there to learn.

That the machine is a machine no matter how fast it’s going.

I leave you with this. Too high an IQ–sheer destruction. You add WQ, wisdom intelligence, to intelligence, a real “grabber” of attention during the period of “threading the eye of the needle” of the next twenty-to-250-years to re-establish equilibrium.

So, it really grabs your attention–it’s not a sleeper. And I tell you one more thing. The editors of books are sanitizing grammar too much–that brilliance doesn’t reach memetic proportions. Back to “sheer destruction.”

Without some gut and grit you’ve slaved yourself to the robot, and destroyed our species!

As for ethnocleansing, you don’t get the “chosen people” if “the race” is not the human race, the biodiversity, is indeed greatest chance against extinction according to scientific law, and distinction in facial features is still invalid stemming back to phrenology a la historical France.

Abraham Boulder.

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