One Blood, one singular human race, diversified. The blood pull of the Only One God to be constructive. Human singularity in mission and magic of a deified internal God, if Blood is not atheists, with atheism non-interference of this Entity, the Higher Power of Sanity and Health, Redemption and Resilience, some material worth, some immaterial worth for the Believer and Atheist (Commonwealth) and Genuine Love, amen.

Fundamentals of the right to exist, to live, to be legally defined as homo sapiens sapiens.

Freemasonry of affect intelligence of psyche economy surplus from the above civil rights vs. state spirit-manipulation and control efforts.

Invoked bio-genetic scientific law that “bio-diversity,” even among micro-segregated communities “is essential to the continuence of the human race.”

Only one God, primary focus as a singular constructive engine of the universal animating principle, disavowing a boring, death trance of human motion as the future history of humankind on this exoplanet, and beyond, not “leaving this planet behind, not leaving ourselves behind.”

-Abraham Boulder

–Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia


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