Let’s review

We are multiples and groups of the only one, Lord High of the Higher Power of our own “chosen people,” our only one, the human race,

Each race is the singular, “only one” creatures focusing with nominalism being clear on intention so the animating principle that spirits with aliveness.

Challenged for a home in the near future.  While at the same time solution’s to today’s fundamental and regressive problems are multi-faceted answers for the final (living) solution (not genocide or nuclear winter).

In this quest, this adventure, let us well remember from wisdom intelligence, WQ, that we, homo sapiens and homo sapiens sapiens, we are the only one’s, and that the law of science entailing the maximum probability of survival rests with micro-segregated, bio-genetic, bio-diversity.

Abraham Boulder

–Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy

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