Ying and Yang

Anti-matter vs. matter, what do you put your energy in?

Toxic and dead cells vs. non-toxic cell density and systematic forgetfulness, thus grown telomeres

Annihilation vs. Creatio continua idea quanta precursor in string theory to DNA for biological systems.

Fate vs. Destiny in physical evolution

Asynchronous chaos Nazi imbalance in Mass death Aryan Opera vs. synchronicity of health and well-being, wholesomeness and integrity that include sacred acknowledgement and response.

Organizational leadership vs Applied business neuropsychology to increase 9:10 odds that a business stands ten percent to succeed in 5 years.

Good Fate is rest in peace in eternal prayer

Good, great, bad, terrible–>correct human behavioral science for Destiny of 200,000 more years of human species’ brain organ and heart and developed body, thus believer, spirit.


Viral bodies dictating viral DNA over human DNA.


Human nasi balance creatio contiua of universal vital, life force, task energy,; dictated by twists and sway and vibrations of string theory (matter movement, hence physics) of idea quanta, precursor to DNA chemistry and biological organic systems.

Destined to outlive dinosaurs reign of 173 million years vs 276 million year homo sapiens sapiens evolved Boulder Period (generations of petrified fossils remains)

Abraham Boulder


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