A bout with what “success” really means

To synchronize on Destiny as a world leader for 10 years+ in Post-Enlightenment World Civilization and World Societies.


Deconstructionism dismantling status quo of self-evident truths abusing philosophical relativism such that the bland dementia becomes a status symbol.

Synchronized for inertia on constructive projects. Overspending persevering out of mere shouting victory with no truth, abounding in perversity as Post-Modern behavior.

Lies Straussian implemented for human trafficking of our next generations. Post-Straussian enactment of Government Acts to falsely strengthen our Republic and democracy.

Immoral activism 24-hrs per day competing with the virtue of work and lack of wage increase because businesses lose the private initiative, become government businesses, and no longer practice liberal economics where wages would indeed rise because of a working meritocracy system that values achievement.

Partly because workers are no longer identified as humans in a human system and robots are seen as replacements most readily.

Choose Destiny:

1) Reestablish the value of a human life.

2) Establish school systems whereby real learning prevailes and subjective opinions tainted with sexual lust and conquering by teachers is discouraged so that they don’t force their opinion “that the world is fated, instead of destined” upon impressionable children seeking “Truth.”

3). Approximate 10 years of adjustment to ecoequilibriate this exoplanet for a 250-yr sttetch.

4). Sides of beef grown through stem cell research eliminates cattle flatulence. Major victory for ecoequilibrium of exoplanet.

5) Use WQ, wisdom intelligence that counter argues and rebuts victory decrees by previously destructive ages, and acts on emerging constructive principles wedded with emerging applied science and applied technology with brutal pragmatism that determines use by whether it is a actually a constructive gain via developing Earth science.

Abraham Boulder

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