Live or die?

Feuerbach: that human beings had created God in their own image and the worshipping God diverted them from enjoying their own human powers.

Boulder:. What about “abusing power” and “matters of conscience.”

Anne Rooney: “According to Marx, it is a sense of alienation in material life that drives people to seek solace in spiritual life.”

Boulder: it is a product of existential philosophy running the gamut into existential annihilation whereby Man sees himself in Post-Modern blackness from looking at things smaller than a pinhole.

Problem exists that terms get exchanged with concepts such as “existential elimination” whereby genocide becomes commonplace, and essentially your shooting yourself in the foot and becoming more intentional than Russian roulette with your heart, brain, and history.

You have a past. You can have a future. By default, we all die! Whoopee.

But if you feel like “you love sons and daughters and you want them their chance to love sons and daughters, generation to generation to generation:  you decide to live ”

You live the 8 billion whose everyday existence is to suffer, and live in suffer. No one that I know told world leaders to become royal pain-in-the-asses because they hold onto power while dementia causes greater and greater decline.

Yale and Stanford both need to get with it and actually study behavioral science the field with neurotoxins ingested, inhaled, and coped with in original instead of forced inclusion on leaderships’ brains when it is ill-advised at that moment to end innocuous free-time, away from history’s eye on the ball.

Returning to blackness. Should we see blackness in our existence philosophically, we are steering spatial intellect towards discovery and knowledge of 85% of Our universe. Not Hawking’s 85% of our unconscious damned to earth fixation.

It took one or two billion years to go from single cell to complex living forms

What was the hold-up? As a precusor to DNA, idea quanta provide information by twists and turns, or string oscillations and frequencies.

The nature of the information was consistently precursor to mitochondria and Human DNA and was sending identical stimulus over billions of years.

Then correct information for emerging complexity developed and applied itself to the stalemate.

The solution to the problem had information that was different in nature compared to the what was, a “hold-up.”

This initial information was “textbook” pre- IQ. The long delayed change was a change in the nature of pre-intelligence; hence the movement-causing action was pre-WQ, pre-wisdom intelligence.

There is no design, it’s raw WQ, wisdom intelligence on the level of mitochondria genes, a precursor to Human DNA.

Abraham Boulder

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