Going beyond human totalitarianism, AI absolutism

Wig-wam and PCB morphing using their personalities as vehicle transitioning from human singuality to AI singularity such that the change-over is not only quantum-sized computers and Deep Learning but phasing out of human and increasing applied technology with human brain parts/smart-boxes hybrids into plasma computer programming mainframes with entanglement with on-the-fly dynamics shared wiith what metamorphisizes to be–robotic engineering, that is also equipped with mini-quantum computers done fluidly and seamlessly with the mainframe. (no downloading involved).

Focus is on personality development for linguistics computer programming to be dispersed to actors’ smart boxes to implement “attitude” of “the good” juxtaposed with “the most terrible” for mass acts of genocide.

Remember, good food avoids bad food that causes a person to become very sick, or die.

That shows great value in “the good.” But the good is paltry when a counterweight of very good or greatness needs to be acheived to counterbalance Hobbesian terribleness, or The Fall (Adam’s).

Abraham Boulder

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