Meet Dead AI vs. Thomas Paine

Computer programming several individual’s personality aura to become hosts to the populations’ near death experience in the hopes of busying up after-life static. A manifestation of manipulation of spirit to keep after-life busy with computer program until 50,000 years later eternity is silent. Spirits are mute.

Modern totalitarian administration manipulation of spirit. Eternity gone.

(high hopes)

What is interesting is that what is happening on the ground, not six feet down.

People’s personal inner space may yet be challenged by the totalitarian state.

The languistic supercomputers are focusing on “personality” of PCB and Wig-Wam in an attempt to gorge the common unconscious with seemingly endless bouts of idiosyncratic personalities’ idiocy to purposely manifest at near death, child-like bed-side an obliteration of the personal unconscious which, itself, manifests consciously (less subconscious at the end of life, intuitively; much more whole consciousness at the end of life), demanding private family audience only, and needing family obligation to settle your problems with yourself and embrace tenets of liberal philosophy (own me) save the private initiative for generations’ peaceful, private death and an unemcumbered sphere of influence in adult life striving for the 9/10th failures in the usual business to eke out a living, sanely, and with philosophical “space”–a tenet of moral fortitude and collaboration. An element of peace.

DeadAI static in after-life will try to end eternity.

–Keven Young.

Abraham Boulder

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