Christianize or else=where world religions act in accordance on human historical events

Computer with “evolving” succession from Man in vainglory to show that man was a mere pawn to the machine first controlled turned on in China (machine=supercomputers possibly quantumcomputer). At least: excruciating business.

Starting to turn on in the United States. We need voices heard that say and act on the idea that this equipment, these technologies are subservient to mankind (humankind), are resplendent in functions, but never command humankind in any form or matter.

Such a principle of supercomputer abuse belongs in the realm, instead, of traffic-flow missions to manage and avoid traffic jams; but, under no circumstances “think for you” versus being helpful, an assistant to various functions you require.

Human command, human control, humans having the “upper hand” is essential, is crucial, it is in fact critical, to our needs.

Never lose this fundamental fact. Neither in day-to-day work and pleasure, nor in history.  Have an exit.  No “Gahndi.”

Abraham Boulder

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