Alliance and moral support for the terrible achieving great things (not terrible things).

Fate of human species destined for a thousand-year run with Jesus as Lord Savior for Christians and the predestined damn. A supermarket of denominations making heaven for the Christian earnest.

Question the belief, “Jesus supports human terribleness with the power of his saving grace, but utter terribleness and horrible actions being intentionally made!?” Such homeade terribleness like gaslighting seems to overdoing saving grace?!”

Evret of the Evretim post-end-of-days, knowing a Jew adjusts to history.

Jew, his or her heritage, moves on in history–Jew his heritage is only to better answer the question of “who are you” in four hundred years in history from now.

Fight the fated to extinction of the ancient Greek toga scholar and Tibetan book of the dead whereby eternity is met with deified happiness of the deified insanity saliency of dead consciousness

As Evret of the Evretim sanity beloved along with active Tree of Life (tree of family) living, yield human variety in groups destined to live a thousand more generations. And to learn his and her new identity’s name in coming centuries. (Not Jew.)

Battle correctly as history unfolds to fight enslavement to a quantum computer that holds myriad functions and for humans to keep fundamental and essential command.

A corollary here is homo sapiens sapiens keeping his existing brain while assisted with human command of the AI smart computer and while cerebellum adjusts in bioengineering to the exoplanet and the rest of the universe.

Abraham Boulder, “forth right (or correct), on and on.”

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