The energy is with the Creator

Tao of the Creator god, Beginning god, the essential vital energy life force in context of our exoplanet. The planet, pawn to an “Eternal” Universe and Universal Motion.

One dimension both grave and of gravity upon this planet. The other flitting idea quanta, energy parcels cumulative of ripples in string of string theory which after 2 billion years acqured enough reflection to develop complex organisms in Universe, synchronizing universal cumulative reflection with complex organisms.

Is now accompanies AI with resplendent functional variety and diligent human command (not “AI virus” command usurping).

Synchronicization of Man, Woman, Humankind with servant AI, and viral (literal) properties of Human genome, in the direction of propagation without plague sequence–entering our DNA (60 percent human genes); new viral genes to continue adaptation to entangled universal virusal bodies from the “four corners” of the Universe.

Now synchronized the AI deep think to revolutionize Man’s cerebellum in adaptation on Earth, the Universal exoplanet pawn of which Man has only 12 years to take revolutionary technology–AI functionary– to perform revolutionary homo sapiens sapiens work that complete results satisfactorily by critical deadlines every time. Consistently.

A welcome Assist from an AI Assistant.

The Hegelian notion of Geist (spirit) expressed in verbal art (AI contemplations) transform to proactive philosophy and then the Idea: the spirit, the idea, of constructive and endearing sequence in revolution to maintain human destiny.

May the brains we hold dear acquire assists from technology and evolve using technological tools with opposable thumbs in hand to reach the farthest star. Retaining homo sapiens sapiens DNA neurostructure and naturally evolving using tools and keeping human control of our Destiny.

Abraham Boulder

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