The good, good man

Lame, erect, intelligence eclipsed, heart-felt crack and methylamphetamine user.

Recommending nine amphetamine pills to cause manslaughter upon you.

Friendly, “loving.”. Pimp your child. Includes weed killer in the “special” cannabis you buy (or the THC is simply too high!)

Intelligent idiot. IQ leads to lameness. Needs WQ, wisdom intelligence to know when to shut off IQ for the future of mankind.

Robotic. Unable to understand the value of being human.

Incapable of putting conservative (communitarian) political philosophy in front of economic value of human life in order to protect the species to avoid the loss of it’s diversity and it’s numbers for the future of human development. For the future that exists for homo sapiens sapiens.

And cerebellum development to adjust to the planet’s behavior.

Incapable of tool dexterity of opposable thumbs that keeps AI Tool. Otherwise, AI Virus requiring AI Firewall and AI Anti-Virus.

Abraham Boulder. –Keven.

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