Kant Can. So can you.

I Abraham take a healing stance while using anti-fungal anti-biotic and protective clothing. Support Nasi vs. the eternal hell raising of nocebos concentrated and intertwined with death, dying, and movement exercises and fungal applications.

Lamas biting humans and seeking dying nocebos exercises of Aryan degreed trainers for dalai-lama status against tree of liberty, tree of life, white race [vs. spices mixture with green tea lemon, and supplemented with herbs. -Abraham Boulder].

It is a healing posture and stubborn, “final,” vital-supported defense protecting wounds and seeking a healing that is paramount in the mind of the healer and his organic healing processes.

It is the balm that seals the wound for healing, while including allopathic medicine and utilization of protective clothing that sends the striver to healing body with nourishing mind and strongly protective brainWork.

-Abraham Boulder. –Keven. 😊:

Part 2.

Religion joining science in behavioral science.

Corporeal and neurohermeneutics.

“Live wire” broadcasting? His Holyness.

Metanormal, physical exercise and health for the brain.

Plato, spirit and intellect. Gassendi, reason is part of spirit. Boulder, affect intelligence, ?Only one God Spirit. India Creator, God “Jew” for business involving trillions rupees with love.

Avraham, spirit of the only one God. God idea. Idea quantum. Devinsky. Love Keven, Abraham. Significant Other.

Totalitarianism, crush spirit, dehumanize, treat as unimportant property. Gain a foothold neurohermeneustically in soiciological-science claim, causing excruciating pain by “state, Look Ma: no hands!” Ultimate Truth. Only state.

Soviet, Russia; China, India, 3rd Eye Tibet, Korea.

Conquering transmigration elevated at capitols. Japan considering murder of Japon.

Done in N. Korea, China: murder. Rational head without ?behavioral economics.

Dalai lama. Destroy Tree of Life. Tree of Liberty

Dalai lama. Japan against Japon Spirit

The presence of his holyness is included because he’s very old and gives his title to “PCB PCP PCP.” His brain has toxicity from his many, many years. And a person can be irascible and impertinent, which can keep his holyness alive even longer.

–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia.

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