Good suffering yields excellence

“There is a myth that excellence occurs in direct proportion with suffering.

Well, excellence occurs in direct proportion with good suffering, but inverse proportion with bad suffering.

Good suffering is working at something. Bad suffering is humiliation, depression, and isolation.”

This what my brother campaigns for. Show no respect, dishonor good suffering. Ridicule the sufferer’s journey as an act of an idiot.

Turn to drugs, alcohol, sex addiction with forty STDs, including rabies and contiuous-pain disease.

Don’t do what is correct to do now. Instead, he says, “I am a moron. You too can be one too.”

Without good bidets (bidets are now advertising on the internet), everything is an asshole that stinks.

Losership is heroship. The terrible hero claims victory.

They think they got us folding our hands and going home.

But we can beat them at the game of ideas.

Better thinking through better ideas. More practical through a practice of practicum. More moral, by far, than philosophic relativity.

There is good sense since Hobbes and Bacon made the scene. And Post-Enlightenment can take away all the lies of Straussian philosophy, the perverted ideas that claim victory for themselves of post-modern philosophy, and take away the enactment of pseudo scientific laws that feast on Aryan death buffets, Nazi imbalances of the American mind.

And a false sense of defeat. 12 years Ho! To complete the Mission to exoplanet Earth (as if for the very first time), and regain ecoequilibrium by the toil, sweat, brawn and brain determined to achieve again, and again the Dead-line metrics required to succeed.

Abraham Boulder

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