Go past the “Nazi” descriptor: a case for AI Tool, or “Who knows better, the computer or you?!” A simple answer.

The case of viral leaders with homosexual Nazi , read: an “human imbalance for Aryan death sentiments and actions whose simple style is far from innocent.”

Also, absent is the learnt integration of key facts and the capacity to read and solve problems shown in the book, Overcomplicated; in other words, no experience in being schooled in learning institutions of general and higher learning.

“Nazi” because of warped sentiment, taking multiple amphetamine pills daily, desiring end-of-world fiasco.

Thus, interfering with the serious, Post-Enlightenment universe of learning from Discovery, Innovation, Divergent answers as a host of ideas popping like Orville Reddenbacher’s popcorn.

Complexity sciences meets computational strength in complexity of computer programming in a parallel reality; whereby, answers energe in plain language on an “index card” for Human-creature Command understanding.

Then, questions can be raised from the plain, understood, “index-card,” message by way of a tree-flow diagram provided by the AI Tool computer with regards to the subject and contents discussed on the “index card.”

This, then, in order for the human Command interface to query in greater, and greater depth, learning along-the-way from AI Tool, answers of greater and greater depth.

Whereby approval or disapproval of arguments and approaches of the AI Tool by the human creature Command, assures that the AI Tool works for human creatures, and not the other-way-around. Command rests with human creature Command.

Abraham Boulder

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