2018 matrix

Thesis subject: psychiatric behavioral science.

Darkness seen as a symptom of mental illness

Opoids provided to relieve patient to counter “doom and gloom” mindset/brainwork.

Patient notices that dark reverie can lead to dark action, simply, but urgently put–needs a new start–starting over for long haul–and getting out of this purview of harm and destruction attitude.

Married to opoids of high potency, in a sense rewarding dark behavior, meaning rewarding harm and destructive behavior. Some doctors continue to believe that the contrast of acute anti-social disorder as a brain disorder with very high opoids administered as medicine, will keep the patient satiated and satisfied–no need for the patient to actually do harm!

I contend that the marrying of a sociopath to very high feelings or affect of medications rewards the patient in their continual wrong-doing whom, character and nature of the patient’s behavior further intensifies via ever-more potent opoid medication, and ever-more intense wrong-doing.

I think we opened the Pandora’s box when we allow the super intense opoid medication to be available to all medical doctors when it should only be used in cases, such as in trauma & shock.

This then can be seen as an introduction to a counter-revolution.

Getting ever increasing potency opoids in which the brain acknowledges the full potency of the psychiatric medicine as “top effect” only at times when patient causes harm when he or she “comes to town” with increasing harm and destruction rendered by the patient, receiving immediate reward, as the “effect” in the most intense artificial pleasure.

Abraham Boulder

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