Ongoing perturbance, of a irregular sort.

Premise:. Dealing with the dead. Consciousness is with Asia.and dead throughout the world in world “total” consciousness.. PCB and Wig-Wam dead and salient in subconscious subject, giving stress of dead–not present day concerns of now consciousness. Need closure with these two antagonists deceased.

Stop the “code of death” using their personalities and synthetic-1984 “good” fake goodness. Do use opoids as a door and reference to go through and discover ways in cognitive behavioral therapy to garner actual good feelings from action, verbal statements or physical doings and leave faint opoid feeling to always remember what good feelings feel like as a constant reference.0

So, we have two personality character actors on the world stage, both dead, both used Bertrand Russell’s self-imposed ignorance of metaphysics, a metanormal experience and subject of learning and study that Dr. Andrew Newberg would term, “neurohermeneutics.”

In this area of study, huge amounts of personality as computer databanks that are made salient for those perturbed (bothered, or deeply bothered) by what seems to be souls with deep emotional disturbances and mental incapacities in this experential encounter of the subconscious that normally unconscious commons would experience as mere persona that can easily be shrugged away or disregarded puposively without any thought in ongoing psyche economy surplus.

However the flooding of personality in the common unconscious clearly indicates a desire for the private, personal unconscious unconscious general encounter to: (1) lose their bearings in surprise reverie (2) not think for themselves, and (3) be immersed in computer programming of two personalities you didn’t ask to consider, (4) wasting your time and (5) being synchronized with the AI program that would “drown” you or crowd you out with irrelevant thoughts and feelings to halt present moment thinking or feeling involving at-the-moment action going on and being interrupted by AI computer use of these two personalities you nstead well seasoned personnas.

This political psyche economy deficit final goal is to stop existential plight with “nonexistence human creature” in China, Russia, India who breathes and has blood in their veins is forced into AI Command’s complete consciousness with “look ma no hands!” State speech entailing no wires and no hi-fi. Thus State, AI dehumanizing feelings and thoughts is one thing, and there is no other conscioysness. Individuality lack.

Clearly drag to sucker us into AI dictator instead of own private, personal unconscious

Fear naturally exists but strategy under these conditions is imperative and the agenda is not to be enslaved to the AI computer, but Human Command AI multi-functional and employment involving cognitive thousht, emotions, and behavior to remain jobs for homo sapiens only.

Time to move on. Any crimes should invilve arrests of responsible parties. Let’s get it together! Go psyche economy surplus. Go passing personnas by considered in fancy day dreaming of no longer person’s alive who we need closure from and software personality from corporations like Rand Corp. Or Microsoft, possibly Cisco that stop developing irregular and disordered common consciousness competing against sanity, serene moments and peaceful co-existence.

Get of the dysfunction, disorder, chaos thinking and head to the science of chaos.

This particular science looks for consistent patterns while chaos increases an a time interval.

Like pot of water boiling over the pot splashing hot water everywhere that can seriously burn you, learn to reduce energy at the source,, for example the stove’s burner and start putting more order energy like stirring the soup’s ingredients placed in the pot after boiling. The ingredients will lower the temperature, the burner,’s flame can be reduced, stirrrig in the.pot makes for more adequate heat distribution, lowering and ending chaos and disorder to levels permitting consistent patterns to use for stableness.

Abraham Boulder

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