Please take this up for consideration.

An impasse up the ying-yang for murder and adventure criminality.

Nazi Jew turned communist and Scandanavian elite racial genocide of their own, ruining their much admired society.

How much is reading human intent incorrectly and the worst of them.

When does the demented engulf themselves in wealth and leave fame on the mantle, come down from their high horse and stop playing life and death with protagonists of society, essential ingredients in post-Enlightenment world civilization, including contribution from sovereign states of Asia and North, Central, South America. Highlighting Africa for contributing in world economy.

When do we simply acknowledge with the fall of Western Civilization and invite worldly “ninth civilization” semitism and honest president of North Korea acknowledgement that his children should not have to venture nuclear community hostilities.

That both “races” involve a future tense for those ON earth. That tomorrow is not victory by defeat. But mutual acceptance and trust.

Abraham Boulder, “Keven Jung Young”

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