How does that go again?!

Rasputin was so ignoble as to leave Russia traumatized by his individual effort and zeal to prove Adam’s Fall of sin, multiplying sin by transgression, multiplying transgression with abominations–Rasputin made Russia lose faith in individual accomplishments.

And, perceptibly made sure the Red Russians won against any Individuals fighting as the White Russians.

Community horror leads to community Utopia hopes and dreams.

Horror begets terror begets absolutism begets the totalitarian state.

What does Pragmatism say from William James, philosopher of practicalities.

“You can run faster dealing with your own sins, and transgressions. Limiting abominations.

“Than you can dealing with the sins, transgressions, and abominations of the Church.”

“Actions, hence achievements, hence accomplishments do not roll down like the boulder chained to Sisyphus (in my mythtelling happens to be chained) once reaching the top, because we excavate a plateau, and rest at this level of achievement.”

“Then accomplish boulder raising for the next level of feats and accomplishments–
step-by-step reaching each subsequent level–one after another, sequentially.

Raising the bar to higher placements once enough levels are realized, and jumping higher because fitness has improved, less dependence on the bottle. More on brain food. More extending of telomeres. Sardines for heart and head.”

And we find our vitriol and stamina for the 9th world civilzation including Asia, Africa, all Americas.

In the crosswinds of the Sinai, with Semites providing a present of Destiny for all the world to enjoy and participate, instead Ancient Greek Aryan fate and morte.

We destined to tree of life, tree of liberty. And, consequently, Eternal bliss from liberation from earthly form.

Abraham Boulder.

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