Boulder Laws 1 & 2


The machine kills. The machine multitasks, we don’t. The machine is AI Tool.

It requires Human creature with moral sentiment development to Human Command AI Tool.


Homo sapiens sapiens cerebrum is sacred. Cerebellum develops and adapts to changing ecology.

Evolution of cerebrum by physical learning and adapting to tool usage and cognitive function and emotional control.

IQ, intellect intelligence
EQ, emotional intelligence
SQ, spiritual intelligence involving values & meaning, significance in context.

WQ, wisdom intelligence, what to apply or not apply at any given moment. When we are “out of our minds” because the answer comes in a new philosophical paradigm different than the philosophical space of the original problem to effectively solve the problem.

Affect intelligence, spirit. Gassendi: “Reason is an aspect of spirit.”

Abraham Boulder. –Keven.

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