Viral war

Viral from universe to cause human extinction vs. viral involved in human evolution and enabling human applications.

The East via Russian Ballet, Jew-Arab Eastern, Aryan India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Tibetian

Lao-Tze, Confucian good China Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, states constitutions, Bill of Rights, civil rights in Federal system, unconstitutional extinction policy [abandon], 40 constitutional amendments to return 21st Century backbone to U.S Constitution, anabolic chi extreme life

Self-discovery of Post-Enlightenment, psyche economy surplus, matter, AI quantum tool, human sacred homo sapiens sapiens cerebrum Command to homo sapiens sapiens sapiens physical evolution. Out of Garden of Eden exoplanet and do harness sustainability, anabolic chi extreme life

Vs .

Global Communist Party of anti-matter Chi catabolic extreme lama nursery snake racial cleansing, filth cauldron viral body anaconda, “good” genocide China

Totalitarianism total SUV with you in it, dehumanizing state existence, non human existence, “Look ‘Ma No Hands” national torture, depression, suppression, oppression, elimination, extreme state salient information in subconscious from Department of Information administered by Department of Ministry, State thought, no person thought, no person, chronic stress, burn-out

Rogue warriors vs. renegade rebels progressives conservatives Republic Democracy bald eagles

Lack of accountability vs. transparency, limited constitutional government private initiative primacy, public good, free will agency

Responsible non-naive moral fiber, quantify meta-normal (Neurohermeneutics) via scale of negative one to zero to positive one index in relative “supermarket comparison” terms, scaled to destructiveness up to -1, or nuclear winter; and 1,000 year Jesus saliency up to +1.

Compared to 30 million destructive deities of sub-continent of Asia. Discussion of Creator God, God the Father for “getting on with it” when Jesus and Satan fun is too much and extinction is imminent.

Pray: God the Father, Creator God, God of constructive goals, constructive achievements, constructive conclusions, be with us now and every moment we really can’t live without you.

And help us to help ourselves to meet literal deadlines for a thousand-more-generations of Destiny. Amen


Abraham Boulder

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