What’s that again: trade agreements.

We are becoming the dragon, the serpent, the devour of all flesh.

To ‘err, we bring ‘err To rectifying past mistakes, we do not applaud return to fair trade. We corrupt negotiations so that we “mistake” our actions in the markets. We end even-handedness before it even starts

How much hate can America ensue? The whole purpose of fair trade agreements suffer plague-like conditions, instead of more healthy trade in the marketplace. We wish to make war reparations with Germany, only this time: with China!

To foul, we add stench. Let us return to an even-handedness so that military sounds rumbling do not cause unnecessary war.

Trading in our bread and butter economy. Advance technology in the private sector and deploy applied technologies against our enemies, when necessary. Do good business on all sides.

We demand even-handedness and never relent our love and pride in America.

Abraham Boulder

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