Tertiary digital driver. Welcome the alternative, after trial, and results confirmation.

One stroke engine driving AI is a all-output driven.

Two stroke is the back stroke and is also out-put driven.

The 3-stroke is the first time alternative power opportunity exists to supplant 2-stroke technique and source information and supply something wheteby input is given and internal consideration can occur and output adjusted to a new possibility, which after a trial run may be a better performng digital driving machine.

Abraham Boulder

“the jew digital”

P.S. What this driving infrastructure allows is a constant possibilty of alternative direction for the digital command driver.

One stroke command is on the y-axis.

Back stroke in 2-stroke command reverts to x-axis.

3-stroke introduces the z-axis. Perpendicular to the x-axis providing a depth function that enables 3-D configurations.


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