Why a revolution in decompensating genetic expression in subhuman action?

It’s tragic when 600-700 years of social evolution or, actually, simply social caring is wiped out by providing fringe elements more money to live on which in “Murphy’s Law” causes shit to happen; namely buying of ammo and guns by retards (otherwise known as “special people.”), the mentally ill, and special brain prosthetics using smart boxes receivers who are then coached irresponsibly to murder because it “feels good” and so is “good” for you. So goes Scandinavia.

Or, revolution is justified and demanded to do away with Mom and Dad, sister and brother. Do away with employees in business that work by the “ridiculous” idea of “productivity.”

Yup, put these employees, and the owners, in your scope and do away with them. What, in this late stage of the game, Ed.D’s stereotypically may agree with some famous Russian anarchist would stress the murder of the whole lot of them to look like Tolstoy, ideally, but practically undoable–utopias I mean. Murder of our productive lot is an outrage that they feel (the gunslingers, I mean) that their time has come.

And it would, not be by a long shot, far from the truth that these goings on are happening in the United States wealthy county of King County and abuse generated by those opposing the generous care the state of Washington and our forward thinking governor leads the march to environmental accountability for a species just about ready to physically evolve to homo sapiens sapiens sapiens as Human Command of AI quantum fusion culture with sacred cerebrum brain power and our apposable thumbs key biological necessities for this biogenetics growth.

Now, let’s talk about the educated and the sane. PLU allegedly teaches about earthly humans and Lucifer in human affairs, but little or none on Jesus.

What kind of environment will the 129+ bed psychiatric hospital have kniwing the Chinese government owns the site

[First, kudos to the doctor and China itself for recognizing the need for real-time services.]

Safety can be addressed to satisfy Medicare and Medicaid but that means juice machines reinstated and smoking areas provided. Perhaps it means that some use of the correct form number for four copies to go to the office, not just three copies on some other form.

But what happens when the place “goes political.” Equal rights stated in the Washington State constitution for disability above the neck or below the neck will suffer in an authoritarian government that goes “total,” or totalitarian.

Unusual and repressive, oppressive and depressive regime affect can be felt like thy were tangible surgical operations that involve “look Ma, no hands” that feel close to actual surgery without anesthesia.

Everything looking clean and “kosher” for the state of Washington’s apprival., But constitutional equal rights from government persecution and euthanasia “medical” decisions prove a hostile government handling psychiatric hospital in the borders of Washington Stare, and the United States of America is clearly unacceptable and unconstitutional in the state of Washington.

Keven Jung Young.

Abraham Boulder.

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