Mr. Putin, please

Top officials are urged very strongly to protest and demand that President Putin stop shooting off his nuclear rocket prototype because it’s propulsion technology explodes nuclear material out of it’s rear and spills radioactive nuclear energy all over the atmosphere.

What this means is President Putin will have dirtied the atmosphere to five nuclear detonations from the time his propulsion technology gets the missile he’s looking for going to target.

These five dirty nuclear “units” plus one “unit” for Fukushima Daiichi  and one “unit” for Chernobyl totaling seven nuclear “units” is what Scientific America says is necessary to destroy the human population, i.e., 1 billion people die in 10 years (therefore, 7 billion people dead in 10 years).

Mr. Putin, test your nuclear rocket underground.  Quit killing a billion people at a “pop” everytime it travels in our shared atmosphere.  Do the dirty work you think necessary underground. Thank you.


Abraham Boulder


Russia’s nuclear weapons tests were linked to a radioactive explosion. Trump’s friendliness with Putin makes it hard for NATO to do anything about it.

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