Now, not tomorrow. No bubbles.

Someone, a male adult meets and connects with a female adult. Their hearts manifest in the “burning bush” of conjugation to expose them to the only one God.

And, of course, what does It say? That to procreate, extend “now’s” into forthcoming generations; hence, fulfill this destiny with a sacred “book of generations” of homo sapiens, homo sapiens sapiens, and homo sapiens sapiens sapiens.

To love. Show compassion. And extend a helping hand.

Now. What, out if this, has to do with employment in jobs with decent pay?

Definitions of work change with the seasons. Truck drivers lose jobs and “logistics control” gains monitors to supervise automated supply chains.

Secular intellect gives way to “now moments” of spirit of change.

Because mechanized, Vienna-circle automation does not make an intellectual revolution, necessary to engage the information age and apply hands-on common sense, such that, all transformation has proactive language of Human Command against all Tool, including AI quantum fusion Tool.

All details spelled out in technical writing or taught within the learning curve of most human creatures.

Let us be clear that the physical evolution to homo sapiens sapiens sapiens from Human Command is not necessarily an advance form because the next partial extinction can be homo sapiens, homo sapiens sapiens, or homo sapiens sapiens sapiens depending on what kills a particular species.

Given that cerrebrum and lymbic system is sacred in all human species. Then, the single dominant evolutionary outcome results from survivors of partial extinction that, in addition, do Human Command on AI Quantum Fusion Tool.

And continue procreation; hence, Destiny. To this I may add: Biogenetics law states variety or diversity is greatest assurance of avoiding extinction.

That these wars “of a few faces” is a biogentic singularity that in effect results in neurological and psychiatric abnormalities that best be used to play the banjo, in the movie, “Deliverance,” than meet the challenges of world cultural clash and integrative leadership, both.

Behaviors of a trauma designed from 8th civilization extinction and 9th civilization foundational establishment need to continue the “oddities” that makeup the symptoms of the traumatized leader.

Social media discussions on the above subjects energize, exercise, and enervate the psyche of what comes next in the future. And better prepared for behavioral responses of a paradigm shift that aids in solving problems in this new revolution started in the previous era where solutions proved ineffective.

This is not to say that Jesus revelation cannot run another thousand years.

What is salient in a “coming of age” in an exoplanet that does not blow itself up entirely, is of no consequence to science simply because not physical–it literally, doesn’t “matter” and the only concern is behavioral science whereby billions of people set foot on exoplanet Earth instead of Mars and go about the business of survival while the Earth shows itself prone, like everything else to universe-laws and the human creature needs to bioengineer adaptation to this new phase of the exoplanet in this part of the Milky Way galaxy–shaping physically each of our brain’s cerebellum.

What is the “end of days” to Jews is a departure from the 8th civilization and an identity of Evret, Evretim Ben Yisrsael in the new 9th civilization which takes it’s course for 600 years so as to determine the correct nomenclature for our newly found identities emerging from Hebraic Judaic heritage and “Now” experience.

Abraham Boulder


Two “-skys.”. One “fill” Applied technology: leader threaded through anus to heart for torture rearing, anus to brain threaded to ascertain “God spot” and destroy. Is Mueller moonlighting? Possible error lead.


**UPDATE 2**

Comprehension uncertain. Noticed thread through right ankle. “Fill-up” with worm/snake.

Unsure of my status.

May be for complete authoritarian rule from executive branch. Believe cooperation with Washington State on illicit action.

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