Extremism is overthinking. Use moderation.

Consequences of being far, far left and/or far, far right.
Or, moderate, moderate, moderate!.

Try what you may/come what may . . . triply hard to moderate when the unit you identify with has dynamically annihilated your person and dunks your head repeatedly under polluted waters to resolve your needs by way of doublethink, severe surveillance, “look Ma no hands!” regime oppression, absolutism, and personhood suppression, torture.

In addition AI viral serving itself as Supreme Dictator, no way out leads to submission and despair.

Suddenly, it occurs to you: “To be free of . . . somethimg.”. This is it!

To have freedom, from deleterious effects on your psyche is marvellous and essential to the continued faith in the “book of generations” titled book of “Numbers.” That is for generation-to-generation onwardness named Destiny forthcomimg to all the homo sapiens sapiens and homo sapiens sapiens sapiens on exoplanet Earth.

This instead of fragile genius advocating murder and suicide, impossibilities, implausibilities, futility, hopelessness and a fateful demise of the ongoing generations to pits of burning corpses resplendent in conceited confirmation of prophesy of Fate.

“Yes!” so goes the saying “I am brilliant, I am a Rhodes scholar,” and on the Titanic to show you control of human fate by my conscious effort to possibly sublimate action of the crowds by throwing them by my fateful leadership on the icebergs of Doom that the Vikings managed to steer clear of listening to the netherlands to avoid such cowardly fate.

How to harness the winds in a leader’s sails using the rudder, avoiding Doom imperatives–objects of fixation that neither move us forward to meet necessary obligated, literal deadlines, nor capture the vision of the knightly crew making their headway to imagined cities full of corporate offices redefined legally as corporate entities responsible for cleaning after themselves to render great profit by funneling monies into legally associated corporate entities who do the remedial work after harm and preventative work of reaching effluents before they reach drinking water sources.

Private enterprises aware that the Clean Water act was an unconstitutional bid to keep drinking water safe have to by their realization determine the private need to rid the noxious, toxic substances at the source and be given economic incentives to manage affiliate corporations legally defined as associates of the origin corporations by way of partnership neutralizing toxic substances and correct disposal in disposal waste sites

NIMBY (Not in my backyard) will need waste disposal sites with realistic economic incentives for private parties to dispose of industrial wastes correctly into these correctly lined and maintained waste sites.

All industry uses these sites or we are weened off these old markets as other industries begin the process of responsible handling of toxic and radioactive wastes in the marketplace in this 21st Century approach involving legal redefinition of corporate identities (entities).

Abraham Boulder

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