Where is Waldo?

Fill is a complete extremist, a confused lot, intent on being a monkeywrench to 21st Century living.

Disaster, dystopia, chaos is not “alone” subjects. It ia course beckoning the call of interdisciplinary study whereby chaos is confined to be in order, intead of graduate treatises on treason, showing the way to destroy society and render our species extinct.

High IQ does little effect when you lack, direction

Order serves the purpose of routines fulfilled to completion where indicated, and getting on with the business of living.

Cornell teaches chaos courses. Students round off it’s rough edges by cosmology and complex systems within the complex order. Not to numbnify, but reach a “Eureka!” point that all is not lost. And it’s time, to get on with it.

Get on with the business of destiny of future generations of homo sapiens sapiens culture of using human command of AI quantum fusion tool, sacred cerebrum, sacred lymbic system, possibly sacred brain stem. And cerebellum modified through biogenetics engineering to change our bodies to accommodate an exoplanet–Earth–in the universe in our future.

Leading to physical evolution through tool culture of the sacred parts of the brain organ, and rendering some of homo sapiens sapiens sapiens’ population vulnerable to pathogens and other obstacles to living, from which we also could get some homo sapiens and some homo sapiens sapiens to continue destiny of generations after exposure to pathogens and other obstacles to staying alive.

Evolution is blind to the next move, although preparations is good to consider active response on certain circumstances. Randomness is key driver.

Abraham Boulder

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